Eagle River Chain Proposed Treatment Costs – 2015

The attached spreadsheet is an estimate of costs for treatment of exotics on the Eagle River Chain for 2015.

ER Chain Treatment Costs 2015

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Ice-Out 2015

Buyers Guide 322

The open water season is here! Hurray!!!!!! April 13 is the official ice-out date. This compares with May 8 of 2014. What a difference a year makes!!!

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Catfish Lake Ice Status

Catfish Lake 001

Ice out is close! I was cruising on the Eagle River today. I ran into ice just north of the T-docks. I took this photo tonight off of my pier. I would estimate that we will be ice free on Tuesday. The wind really took a lot of ice today!

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The Different Types of Lakes

Here is a great article about the types of lakes. I always knew about the drainage and spring fed lakes but I will admit that I did not know much about the other types.


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Ice Status

As of April 5, 2015 (Happy Easter) there appears to be about 12″ of ice. There is about 10′ of open water between the ice and the shore. We have a cold week forecast so I do not expect much melt. We may get 2″ to 4″ of wet snow tonight. As much as I would not care to see snow, we are short of precipitation. The fire danger is high already as most of the snow is gone. We could use some rain and snow to green things up and reduce that fire danger.

Next weekend is supposed to be warm with expected temps next Sunday to be in the 50’s. My experience has been that wind and rain melt more ice than warm temperatures.

This blog will tell you when we see open water. My guess for official ice-out is going to be April 19. That compares with mid May from last year!!

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Catfish Lake Treatment Report 2014

The 2014 Catfish Lake report from Onterra is attached. The first portion of the report goes in depth for the entire chain as to how the treatment is performed, procedures and theory. It is interesting stuff!

The final one third of the report is lake specific for Catfish Lake.


Catfish Lake 2014 Report

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Catfish Lake Final Treatment Report 2014

Here is the final treatment report for Catfish Lake for 2014 from Onterra.

Catfish Lake Final Report 2014

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