Catfish Lake Picnic

Another wonderful Catfish Lake Picnic!  Great day, wonderful food, great company.  Many, many thanks to the organizers and especially to the hosts, Dale and Julie Massignan.  The organizers include:  Beau and Marty Boville, Joanie Burchmore, Barb Teahen, Rick Obereuter, Sue Ziegler and Lois Derrick.

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ERCLA Annual Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the ERCLA Annual Meeting:


Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association Annual General Meeting Minutes July 16, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Bill Lochte.

Those in attendance were: Sara Decker, Dean Bordeaux, Sandra McKeon, Bill Feld, Jan Tidmarsh, Marty Rosenthal, Phil Jensen, Bruce Carey, Susan Catania, George Wagner, Julie Wagner, Bill Lochte, Carole Linn, Sue Saxhaug, Brenton Butterfield, Bill Krostue, Chrysa Murphy, Michele Bergstrom, Craig Smith, Einar Forsman, Jeffrey Fasula, Tom Connelly, Jack Dawson, Mike Lubenow, Jeff Boville, Karen Maahs, Louie Penpek, Diana Hrovatin, Larry Springer, Don Peterson, Rae Marie Peterson, Jim Mulleady, Cathy Higley, Terry Baker, George Katich, Jeri Page, Wilbur Page, John Liermann, Rollin Siegfried, John Smolko, Jean Smolko, Terry Ingraham, Sheila Reddy, Ashley Krusick, Dave Mueller, Lois Derrick, Dick Brock, Dave Tidmarsh, Dick Matkin, Sharon Wojtasiak, Thomas Wojtasiak, Bob Riel, and Paul Hennes. 53 in total.

Bill Lochte welcomed all and introduced the ERCLA board of directors.
The ERCLA Native Plant Protection Pledge and Volunteer sign-up sheet were circulated.

Brenton Butterfield, Lake Ecologist with Onterra, LLC utilized a PowerPoint presentation to provide an update of the Eagle River Chain of Lakes Lake Management Planning project.

Motion to approve the minutes of the July 18, 2015 ERCLA annual general meeting by Dave Tidmarsh, second by Paul Hennes; followed by vote. All voting aye. No opposing votes. Motion carried.

Sue Saxhaug, Treasurer, read and explained the treasurer’s report. As of June 30, 2016, checking account balance $22,377, savings account $20,516, CD $30,568 for a total of $73,461 in the treasury. Total income was $19,394. Total expenses were $6,535. This represents a net change of plus $12,859. Copy of said report is on file and incorporated by reference as though fully set forth. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report by Carole Linn, second by George Katich; followed by vote. All voting aye. No opposing votes. Motion carried.

Membership report was given by Sue Saxhaug. There are 570 members which represents approximately 33% of riparians.

Bill Lochte informed attendees that several officers will not be continuing for another term of office. The position of secretary will be vacant. Lochte asked for a volunteer to fill that position. There were no offers to fill the upcoming vacant position.

Dave Tidmarsh gave a brief report on the Wisconsin Shoreland Initiative, an organization formed in 2015 to advocate for Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers. ERCLA has donated to the effort. He stated in the fall of 2015, state legislators added an amendment to the state budget (Act 55) which ended years of informed, data driven regulation through local control of lake property. The WSI brochure was distributed.

Dave Mueller provided an overview of the EWM Management Plan. He stated the Commission has been managing EWM infestation on the ER Chain through yearly herbicide applications since 2008. Because the amount of EWM has been reduced to 12 acres, the use of herbicide is not warranted this year. Professional divers will hand-harvest EWM in Voyageur Lake this year as a pilot program.

Dave Mueller gave an update on the Wetland Plants of Concern monitoring program. Yellow iris, purple loosestrife and yellow loosestrife are being monitored by volunteers.

Cathy Higley, Vilas County Invasive Species Coordinator discussed the purple loosestrife biocontrol project she is conducting and offered beetles to anyone requesting them.

Dave Mueller stated ERCLA sponsors a Clean Boats Clean Water program consisting of 200 hours of boat landing monitoring/education at the T-docks. The Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Commission sponsors 400 hours of monitoring on the ER Chain. Hours are split between Eagle Lake boat landing and the Braywood boat landing.

Utilizing a PowerPoint presentation, Bill Lochte discussed three key issues that confront ERCLA at this time:

  •   Difficulty securing long-term leadership
  •   Membership recruitment
  •   Confusion about the roles of ERCLA, individual lake associations and the Unified Lower Eagle River

    Chain of Lakes Commission (the Commission).

    Bill stated that at a strategic planning session with Eagle River Chain lake leaders, a number of ideas were generated to address the situation. A conclusion was reached that consolidating and simplifying the structure is necessary to ensure continued success of efforts to preserve and protect the Eagle River Chain of Lakes.

    Consolidation will result in a clearer identity, a unified message, a pooling of leadership and resources, and simplified dues.

    Bill outlined the proposed new structure and the steps needed to make it a reality. No changes will be made without stakeholder input and support.

    After the presentation, he called for a show of hands of all in favor of proceeding in this new direction. Support was unanimous. He asked for a show of hands of those opposed to proceeding in the new direction. No hands were raised.

    Bill stated Catfish Lake Association approved a donation of $10,000 to help with the transition.

    An open forum followed. Attendees asked questions and offered comments.

    Next meeting date July 15, 2017.

    Motion to adjourn by Dick Brock, second by Sue Saxhaug; followed by vote. All voting aye. No opposing votes. Motion carried.

    Meeting adjourned at 11:20 a.m.
    Minutes by Carole Linn and Ashley Krusick.

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Catfish Lake Association Picnic!

The picnic was HUGE success last year.  I hope it will be again this year.  The Massignan’s are gracious enough to host the event this year!  Here is the info:CLA PICNIC 2016002

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Catfish Lake Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the June 25, 2016 Annual Meeting.

Catfish Lake Association Minutes
Saturday, June 25, 2016

Call to Order President Jim Mulleady called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m. Forty members in attendance.
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
Roll Call of Officers Present: President Jim Mulleady; Secretary Kari Ziegler Absent: Vice President Tom Sather; Treasurer Jeff Boville
Approval of Minutes Minutes are temporarily misplaced from 2015 meeting
5. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
In the absence of Treasurer Bovillle, President Mulleady reported that
we stand in strong financial shape. As of January 1, 2016 we have
$25,689.34 in our checking account and over $62,000 in total. We’ve
had no major expenses to date, however our larger bills haven’t come in
Our 2015 first ‘annual picnic’ cost $509. President Jim thanked the
committee for their efforts in ensuring its success.
A motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented made by Rick
Oberreuter. Seconded by Craig Smith. Motion carried unanimously.
6. Nomination and Election to 2-Year Term for Vice President
Nomination for Sue Ziegler to assume two-year term as Vice President
made by President Jim Mulleady. Seconded by Joanie Burchmore.
Motion carried unanimously.
7. Nomination and Election to 2-Year Term for Secretary Nomination
for Joanie Burchmore to assume two-year term as Secretary made by
Lois Derrick and seconded by Craig Smith. Motion carried unanimously.
8. Presentation by Bill Lochte, 15-Year President of ERCLA (Eagle
River Chain of Lakes Association)
President Lochte credited Carole Linn for her invaluable help in serving on
the ERCLA Board and co-creating his power-point presentation.

He started with these numbers:
~ 11 number of lakes on our chain
~ 62 miles of shoreline
~ 1435 number of acres treated for milfoil in the last 8 years
~ $1,237,000 cost to date of investment by ERCLA, Lakes Associations
and DNR to treat milfoil

A detailed account of ERCLA’s history (formed in 2001) and the creation of individual Lake
Associations (formed in 2007) followed.

Bill offered this statistic: in 2005 a 100-foot base (lakeside) lot was valued at $195,000; in 2010 at $158,000; and today at $123,000. If we don’t protect our lakes from EWM, values will continue to plummet.

Bill proposed that over the next two years we combine assets of ERCLA and all individual Lake Associations into one entity.

Benefits of Uniting:
~ Single identity
~ Unified presence
~ Pooling of leadership with support staff
~ Simplified dues structure
~ Continued participation of the four municipalities
~ Elimination of duplicate activities (newsletters; website; meetings; etc.)
~ More efficient use of volunteers
~ Pooled financial assets for needed lake improvements

Impact of Not Uniting:
~ End of leadership oversight
~ End of group efforts
~ End of Grant Funding secured by ERCLA
~ End of educational outreach
~ End of chain-wide programs

Concerns regarding Uniting:
~ Hiring the right person
~ Loss of individual lake identity
~ Transfer of treasuries
~ Fear of non-equitable representation

A lengthy discussion ensued. Suggestions included: shortening the 2-year timeline; hiring a part-time rather than full-time employee; stronger communication with riparian owners as to importance of joining (resulting in increased membership and dues); consider estate planning endowment; ask realtors to inform prospective buyers of ERCLA’s importance; and transitioning into a Lake District.

Membership Decision: A motion to donate $10,000 from our Treasury to support combining ERCLA and individual Lake Associations into one entity was made by Bob Burchmore.
Seconded by Carol Pederson. Motion carried unanimously.
The motion was amended to stipulate that the donation be contingent on the participation of the other Lakes Associations on the chain.

9. Update on Milfoil Treatment
President Mulleady recommended we continue using Cliff Schmidt to perform a peak biomass
survey at approximately $830. A motion to continue employing Schmidt’s Aquatic was made
by Bob Burchmore and seconded by Rich Coral. Motion carried unanimously

10. Buoy Project
President Mulleady reported that last year we donated $1000 to the Town of Washington to
help pay for buoys. No additional funding was designated to buoys at this time. It was further
noted that some buoys were mislocated by the installers.

11. Signage
No funding was designated to signage at this time.

12. Update on Boat Landing Inspections
It was noted that the students hired at the boat landings were often not
attentive to their jobs.

13. The 2016 Catfish Lake Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 30th at the home of Dale and
Julie Massignon, 918 Hwy. 45 South. Signage will be displayed to direct attendees.

14. Additional Business: A motion for next year’s Catfish Lake Association meeting to be
held on Saturday, July 1, 2017 was made by Rick Oberreuter and seconded by Bob
Burchmore. Motion carried unanimously.

15. A motion for adjournment at 10:40 a.m. made by Bill Hassey. Seconded by Rich Skora.
Motion carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,
Joan Burchmore, Secretary

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Catfish Lake Annual Meeting

Don’t forget that the Catfish Lake Annual Meeting is Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 9 am at the Kalmar Center in Eagle River.  I hope to see you there.  Here is the agenda:


2016 Catfish Lake Association Annual Meeting 

  1. Call to Order
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  1. Roll Call of Officers
  1. Approval of Minutes from 2015
  1. Approval of Treasurers Report from 2015
  1. Nomination and Election of Vice President for 2 Year Term
  1. Nomination and Election of Secretary for 2 Year Term
  1. Presentation by Bill Lochte – President of Eagle River Chain of Lakes Association (ERCLA)
  1. Update on Milfoil Treatment

(Permission to hire Cliff Schmidt to perform peak biomass survey – Approx. $830)

  1. Buoy Project

$1000 to Town of Washington to be used to help pay for buoys

  1. Sign Discussion
  1. Update on Boat Landing Inspections
  1. Catfish Lake Picnic
  1. Any additional business
  1. Adjourn
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Catfish Lake Report

Here is the final report for Catfish Lake from Onterra, our water quality consultant.

ER Chain Treatment Final 2015

Here is the post treatment map for Catfish Lake.

Catfish Map Post Treatment 2015

And here is the Catfish Lake Final Treatment Map.

Catfish Map Final 2015


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Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes Report

Attached is a link to the final report from Onterra for 2015.  Onterra is the consultant that the Unified Lower Eagle River Chain of Lakes hires to monitor and improve the quality of our lakes.

Eagle River Chain 2015 Report

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